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I became interested in photography as the result of the black & white etchings in my Pittsburgh childhood home. The etchings lined the steps going to the 2nd and 3rd floors. These artists were paid to capture moments — portraits, still lives & landscapes. I thought, "how cool is that?" I now have several of these etchings here in our home.

Later, I became fascinated with images of buildings and homes. The lines, lighting & ultimately the photographer's primary focus point were inspiring. The key is to find the unique "soul" in each of these structures. It pays to be a good and patient observer!

I began photographing construction projects like large concrete pours, setting steel columns and beams, installing large roof trusses and more. This led to final interior and exterior images. By following and documenting a large commercial project over many months, I began envisioning the final images in a very organic manner.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have work that I truly love and to work with folks who value my images and service.